Chiropractic table

Chiropractic is the science and art of disorders of the neuromuscular skeletal structures (particularly the spinal column and the nervous system) and the innate recuperative powers of the body. Chiropractors identify structural and functional changes within the musculoskeletal system, affecting neurological, lymphatic and vascular function.

The chiropractor's goal is to remove spinal nerve interference and normalize function. Chiropractors can help prevent future problems through education, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

Holistic chiropractors treat the whole person, using spinal manipulation, extremity and soft tissue manipulation, massage, trigger point release, physical therapies, exercises, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Chiropractors are most often used to treat musculoskeletal complaints (e.g., spine and extremities). Also, because of its positive effects on the nervous and circulatory systems, chiropractic can be used to enhance physical function (often used in athletic activities) and to enhance and maintain immune function and general health.