Physical Therapy Modalities


A variety of physical therapy modalities are used to help treat different types of neuromusculoskeletal problems. They can help control pain, relax muscle spasms, strengthen muscles, increase circulation, heal tendons and ligaments and decrease bones spurs and inflammation.


Ultrasound machines utilize ultra high sound wave frequencies that penetrate soft tissue all the way to the bone. These penetrating sound waves create heat (in the 100% mode) warming the muscles, increasing vasodialation and therefore circulation that helps treat muscle spasms and tightness. Sound waves 50% or less decrease inflammation, which is good for ankle sprains and other injuries that have swelling, edema. Ultrasound can dissolve the sharp edges on a bone spur and breaks down and disperses unhealthy calcium and other hard tissue accumulation.

Electrical Stimulation

Electric stimulation uses an electric current to cause muscles or a group of muscles to contract and then relax in specific patterns. This action will release muscle spasms, increase circulation, move lymphatic fluid and decrease pain.

Cold Packs

Cold packs are a frozen gel substance used to treat areas of pain and inflammation. The cold packs are wrapped in a thin towel and applied directly to the area in need of treatment. The cold is transferred to the patient's skin, muscles and tissue. The beneficial effects are reduction of pain, inflammation and swelling.

Hot Packs

Moist heat packs are wrapped in a cover that is several layers thick and placed on the area that needs treatment. Several important benefits are provided by the heat. It relaxes tight muscles causing the tissue to relax. This decreases pain caused by muscle tension or spasms. It also causes vasodialation of the blood vessels with increased circulation to the area. Patients with muscle spasms or arthritis often benefit from treatment with moist hot packs.


Diathermy is a deep penetration heat which is much deeper than moist heat packs. It can be very helpful for sinus congestion, chest colds, menstrual cramps and many other conditions.


Frequency specific microcurrent uses specific microcurrent frequencies to treat chronic resistant myofascial pain and fibromyalgia pain as well as many other problems. Microcurrent devices deliver frequencies of current in millionths of an amp and published studies have shown that it increases energy (ATP) production in cells by 500%. This increase in energy causes the cells to dump toxins, sometimes causing side effects if not handled correctly. Dr. Vail has been using frequency specific microcurrent since 1998 and has found an amazing number of health concerns that are helped by it. This list includes myofascial pain, firbromyalgia, sports injuries, concussions, bells palsy, neuropathy, sinusitis, chest congestions, especially in bronchitis, pneumonias, common cold, firbroids, TMJ pain, sprains, shingles* and much, much more.

*Patients with shingles have had excellent response to treatments with microcurrent, especially combined with homeopathic and botanicals.